Havens Hill Farm Tour

Our second stop on the farm photo tour is Havens Hill. Jenny and Keith have always inspired us with how much they accomplish on their small homestead while raising small children.

The Bridge is fortunate to source honey and berries from the Havens family. Keith is the beekeeper and Jenny is the berry picker. They took me all around their farm, from the acreage with the old house across the road, to the bunnies and ducks in their backyard. I know it’s a family affair for them, but while Keith works outside the home, Jenny works from sun up to down tending their gardens, animals and cooking healthy foods for their family. Despite the ease of running to the grocery store for every little thing, the Havens are committed to doing life differently and sustaining themselves by eating what they grow.

Thank you Keith, Jenny, Zack, Kate & Ethan for showing us your farm and providing The Bridge with your tasty provisions.

You can find the Havens at the Zanesville Farmers’ Market most Saturdays. Check out their facebook page for up to date information and what they are selling.


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