100% grass fed beef- McNutt Farm II

We feel fortunate to source the beef for our 100% grass fed burgers from Michael & Phyllis McNutt.  They welcomed us to their farm recently to give us a tour and let us take photos to show you where your food is coming from.

The McNutts live in a way that reminds me of this quote from Wendell Berry, “Do unto those downstream as you would have those upstream do to you.”  They practice sustainable farming techniques, including pasture rotation and avoiding the use of chemicals on their animals.

Michael has found a passion for cattle dogs and uses them to easily move his stock where they need to go.  It was so neat to watch he and his dog Rio, with just a few whistles and noises from Michael, move 20 head of cattle toward us.  What a gentle and simple way to raise and tend animals.

Farmers are some of the most welcoming people in the world, and it’s always interesting to hear how they decided to start raising their own food.  Many begin by producing for their family and eventually it turns into overflow for their community.

Thank you to Michael, Phyllis, their granddaughter Ellie, and Michael’s mother Patty for your warm hospitality and your amazing beef.  Please visit www.McNuttFarm.com for more information about their farm.


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